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Lessons: Sometimes when fate seems to be making mischief, it’s not. You’re just a girl that a guy with a girlfriend finds attractive. Or he’s just a punk and you’re just the only one who sees it. And you’re fine as you are, and he’s fine without you there. All you can do is take care of yourself. Not every asshole is a great guy waiting for the right girl to show him the way. Not every star-crossed love is meant to be a lover. And not every good intention is worth a fourth chance. Everything starts to shimmer when you’re dying of thirst. It’s not about reformation, bad timing, or lost numbers - this is about knowing what’s good for you and what’s not. This is about being more complicated than a Kate Hudson script. Your time is worthwhile, and predictable stories with cliche characters aren’t. Focus on you, because the more depth you give the main character, the better the story gets.

You’re not a TV show.  You don’t need to tie up every loose end with a proper conclusion.  This is life.  People don’t bow and say, “The End.”  They come and they go and they come out of the wash cycle with stains and crumpled dollar bills.  Maybe in two years, I’ll run into 97 in Prague when we’re both trying to find ourselves.  Maybe that jerk will pull me out of a burning car someday.  Maybe 96 will come out of a coma in three years and spend another trying to track me down.  But maybe not.  And it’s because of that ‘maybe not’ that I spend my days on maybe’s I have the ability to make into probably’s.  You’re writing your story, so have the courage to keep searching for the right cast, or suffer from endless sequels with a main character you never even liked.  

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